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Star Jelly Rings (RYB Leds)

Make your group Stars with this ring. The star jelly rings features our unique SquishyTouch™ material which makes them feel like a gummy worm… but don't eat it! Wear this soft, sparkling jelly ring on your finger and you'll catch people's attention as they ask "What is that cool blinky ring? Can I touch it?" These come in an assortment of colors of blue, yellow, purple and red. LEDs are red, yellow and blue.

The center of the ring has LOVE stamped in it. Picture does not show this.

10:$15.00$1.50 ea.  
15:$21.00$1.40 ea.  
25:$32.50$1.30 ea.  
50:$60.00$1.20 ea.  
75:$82.50$1.10 ea.  
100:$100.00$1.00 ea.  
150:$150.00$1.00 ea.  
200:$200.00$1.00 ea.  
300:$300.00$1.00 ea.  

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