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Atom Jelly Rings (RYB Leds)

These little Atoms are fantastic and blue, green, fushia, and pink on the outside.  They are big, fun and atomic with their red, yellow, blue LEDS that flash.

They are also great for fund raiser gatherings. The Opera House, Cancer Society and Church groups have used these for fund raisers.


10:$15.00$1.50 ea.  
15:$21.00$1.40 ea.  
30:$39.00$1.30 ea.  
50:$60.00$1.20 ea.  
75:$82.50$1.10 ea.  
100:$100.00$1.00 ea.  
225:$225.00$1.00 ea.  
300:$300.00$1.00 ea.  
500:$500.00$1.00 ea.  

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